Nice to have you here. My name is Andreas Gladis. I am an enthusiastic photographer from Hildesheim who would like to share selected work with you here. You can find more of my work on my German website. My focus is on documentary photography. I am currently working on my long-term projects Hildesheim, Singapore and Borneo. These are the places in the world where I am at home, or where I feel at home. I also accompany musicians photographically in front of and behind the stage. From time to time I also shoot music videos.

Besides music, I am fascinated by the diverse and often endemic flora and fauna on Borneo as well as the culture of the indigenous peoples. Singapore, as a counterpoint, offers an incredible variety of modern architecture as well as Asian culture and cuisine. And last but not least, Hildesheim, my home town, which I am currently photographing in its entirety. Furthermore, I am interested in the social conditions that prevail in the places I visit and the daily life of the locals.

As an engineer, I am of course also particularly interested in technology. Unfortunately, the image statement is often neglected. With me, however, it is the focus. For me, technology is only a means to an end. A decisive point in the creation of my pictures is empathy and time. I am of the opinion that without empathy and sufficient time, no meaningful pictures can be created. This is especially true for people, but also for animals and, figuratively speaking, for the places I photograph.

Come with me on an extraordinary picture journey. My motto is: I travel to understand the world, not just to see it.