About Me

I was born in 1966 in Hildesheim. After my secondary school graduation I completed an apprenticeship as a telecommunication handyman. After that I attended the technical college. Then I completed my studies in electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover with a diploma thesis in the field of industrial image processing. I currently earn my living at Viscom AG in Hanover as a sales engineer in European sales.


My dad got me in touch with photography early on. He gave me his miniature viewfinder camera. In 1983 I got my first SLR camera and in 2004 my first digital camera. Since then I only photograph digitally. My focus is on documentary photography. This includes also documentry travel and nature photography. The nature photography I do, triggered by a trip to Borneo, since 2008.


Vacation packages have not always not been mine. My first further trip was by car to Paris. My first flight took me to Algiers and the Sahara in 1993 . Since then I have always visited places off the beaten track on my travels. Today I have the luxury of being able of traveling and to get to know a lot interesting people in my job.